Available Tibbies

                 Please complete an application to let us know you would be interested in aTibbie
                 from Namtrah Tibetan Spaniels.

                  No puppies avasilable right now. However we will have puppies available in
                  the November 2021 timeframe.

                      NAMTRAH LA VIE EN ROSE (Rose) and CH NAMTRAH T. ROWE PRICE AT PASHMINA (to be DNAed)
                                                     Born August 21, 2021 Three sable boys and one B & T girl
                                                         Pictures from September 8  at almost 3 weeks old

                                                         All tired out after their photo shoot

                                                                       B & T girl on the left and three sable boys

                                                     Born August 18, 2021 Three boys and two girls
                                                         Pictures from September 8  at 3 weeks old

                                 A pile of sleeping babies                                                                                       Puppies in a bin

                                                                               The Three Boys. All black in color.   

                                                                                                          The two girls looking like B & T

                        Namtrah So Thankfull "Poppy" and CH Namtrah Joe Cool

                                        Born Sunday May 6,  3 boys and 2 girls pictures coming soon.

                                          Poppy's puppies on 5/27 at three weeks old

                   CH Namtrah Moon River and CH Namtrah Aki Shima Akar Sanjima                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


                       Allie's puppies on May 27 at fve days old.  3 girls and 2 boys

Namtrah Music of the Night "Purdy" and Britwalds Odenhaus I Am Ezra B "Ezra"
     Purdy and her four on May 27 at two days old. Three girls and one boy.

Born September 16, 2017  One girl and one boy.
Sire: Snoopy          CH NAMTRAH JOE COOL

                                         Not yet a full day old

                                                        SALLY at five weeks

                                                Linus at five weeks

Leia (Namtrah Moon Pie) has found her forever home.
Thank you for all the inquiries.

Leia is leash trained, crate trained and house broken. A very sweet girl.
She will be spayed before leaving us.

 Emma and Choo Choo Puppies

Born January 26, 2017  Three girls and one boy.
Dam: Emma                NAMTRAH COCOALICIOUS
Sire: Choo Choo        GCH CH NAMTRAH ALL ABOARD

Now at four weeks old Emma is much more relaxed

                                            First she feeds them
                         Notice how Blondie work her way down the feed line

                                                 Show prospect boy

                 Blondie girl. Hoping her pigment continues to darken,

                                                 Sable girl.

                                   Black & Tan girl so much like her mom.

                          It's playtime now before our nap.

 A first time mom Emma is not too sure about this picture taking stuff.

  A rainbow of Tibbie colors. Black and Tan, Cream, Sable and Red Sable (boy)

 Darla and Pluto Puppies

Born on April 15, 2016 One girl and five boys
Sire: "Pluto"               CH Namtrah Aki Shima Akar Sanjima

                            Darla                                                 Pluto

 Now six weeks old the babies are up and about, eating their puppy mush
and tahnkfully using their litter box (mostly).

Photos taken May 19

                                Sorry this little girl will be staying with us for a while

                        Posing for pictures is hard work .... nap time

                         Darla and babies at 10 days old
                    Two black & tan boys and three sable boys and one sable girl

                           fat and happy napping in the sun light

 Yummy and Frankie Puppies
Born on July 31, 2015 Four girls and three boys

For videos of this litter check out our Facebook page: Namtrah Tibetan Spaniels

We no longer have puppies available from the Frankie and Yummy black & tan litter

Pictures taken October 10 and 12. First time outside.

                                  Great fun playing in the bamboo (10/12/15)
                                            Very busy babies (10/10/15)

                                           Mom and Dad and all seven (10/10/15)

                     Very proud Mama Yummy watching her babies

              I would say the first day of eating moisten kibbles was a big hit. (9/13)

These pictures were taken on September 9. Puppies almost six weeks old.

                                       "But Mom we promise not to bite."
They all have teeth now and nursing seven is getting to be a painful experience.

                        Frankie just loves to watch his kids (his 7 mini-me's)
                                                          Just chilling
                                          No this is MY toy.

                                    Ready for my close up.

These pictures were taken on 8/27 almost four weeks old. Since they are all black & tan we tried to capture
their tummy and facial markings. Thanks to our grand daughter Jackie for keeping the names straight

                             Alex                                                                                                            Charlie Brown

                                        Rocky                                                                              Snoopy

                                    Lucy                                                                                                                                             Patches

                                                                          All 7 together on 8/27/15

                                      Yummy takes turn nursing four on and three off (8/23/15 three weeks old()

 Darla and Choo Choo Puppies

Born on May 7, 2015 One girl and four boys

                  Donnie is show quality and he will be staying with us.

                   Raggea (Brazen)  and Monte (Emit) off to their new home

       Mason now Hobo going to his new show home with Barbara and Piper

These new pictures are from June 25. The puppies were seven weeks old.

                                            Piper Smith with the whole crew.
       Mason (now Hobo) has gone to a show home with Donnie and Emit has gone to his new home
"Chloe" the sable girl is staying with us and "Brazen" the black and tan has gone to his home with Emit

Puppies are three weeks old today (5/28/15). Eyes open and up and up and toddling. First nail trim today.

                                                              Darla is such a good mommy

                               Boy1                                                  Black & Tan Boy2

                           Boy 3                                                                                   Boy 4

                           Girl "Chloe" who is going no where

                                                          Darla and her five taken 5/20/2015
                                                    Fat and happy five

 Puppies, Puppies and Puppies

13 puppies in three litters born Nov 17 -  22. They are all in their forever homes.

                             First time on the table January 12

     Mittens has a new home                      Elsa has a new home
                 Anna staying with us                          Olaf has a new home

  Fawn now Kate is in her new home                  Silver Belle in show home
         Red is in his new home                                   Toes has a new home
                Bud is staying with us

  Brave is in her new show home in VA           Leonardo is staying with us

              Mindy (now Mae) is staying with us                    Willow gone to her new show home

                                                             Candid's taken on January 11
                                           The three litters were "blended" while we cleaned their x-pens
                                                             Everyone enjoyed their time out

                             Some candid's taken on January 6

                                                                 Mindy (Now Mae)

             They will follow mom anywhere for a quick snack

                                                                Mittens and Anna
                                                        Elsa and Olaf

                        December 24 and it was time to try puppy mush.
                                            Mia's babies were ready.
                                      Abby's crew took no time at all to catch on.

                          However Yummy's babies slept through lunch

The following pictures were taken December 17.
Right now the puppies just have numbers but after
the grand kids arrive for Christmas they will all have

Yummy's crew:

                                    Elsa                                                                            Mittens
                                         Anna (show prospect)                                         Olaf (show prospect)

Mia's Litter:

                                    Willow (show prospect)                              Mindy (now Mae) (show prospect)
                                   Brave (promised)                                         Lionardo (show prospect)

Abby's Litter:
                                Fawn (promised)                                                    Toes (promised)
                                      Silver Belle                                                            Bud

                      Little Red (promised)

                                  First it was Yummy presenting us with 3 girls and a boy on Nov. 17
                                                                            (taken 11/25)

                                                  Then Mia gave us 3 girls and a boy on Nov. 21
                                                                  (taken 11/25)

                                                    And finally Abby gave us 3 girls and 2 boys on Nov. 22
                                                                                     (taken 11/25)

                                      Yes a baker's dozen of puppies....... this is going to be fun!