Where are they now
                                          These pages are for photos of our extended Namtrah Tibbie family.
                                       Look back for pictures of some of our Tibbies in their new homes.

 In September 2018 Leo (Namtrah Black Label Leo) went to his new show home in Kansas

                                                      Happy to be here

Hey nobody said anything about costumes                    Snow in November

                            Check out my coat                                                              Am  I handsome or what

                     In December 2018 Parker went to his new show home in New Jersey

                                             This is my end of the couch and that is yours

            Protecting my new territory                                                                  Life is good here.
                                                        I could use more toys

                                        Sisters Karma and Kibu enjoying a snuggle.

                   Over Labor Day weekend Hank (formerly Sirious Black) went to his new home in Boston

                                                                                          I love my yard and I love my bed


I love my great great great .. Uncle Cash       I love my Big Sister June aka Junebug aka Queen of the universe

                                                              My big sister June teaches me amazing things like how to be a flower

Kona loves her new grassy yard

Guinness at one year old... what a handsome boy  April, 2017 He and Zorro are best of buddies



Abby and Butch - November 2016

The Tibbie family at Barb's October 2016

                                                           Ever vigilant Sunny
                Sunny at her inside watch station. She will be 10 years old in Dec.


                                              Peanut and Ralphie vacationing in Rehoboth Beach

  Where else do Tibbies belong but on their bed overseeing their domain. Lulu and Liza now Kibu and Karma.

                                                                        If the bed is not available a chair is nice also.

                                                              Bradley is settling nicely in his new home

 Do you think Price (now Guinness) is getting enough attention

                                             Peanut and Ralphie

                               Millie just chilling at her new home

                                       Life is good in Nashville
                         TJ and Abby join in the joyous wedding celebration.

    Peanut and Ralphie two poop puppies after a great day
    of playing.

                                                      Tinkerbell and Sugar sharing a bed and sharing Mom's lap.

                                                                                                                  Buster & Mena in CT

                                        Teddy (Bea and Weasley) enjoys his family in Boston

                                                        Dora and her new mom

     Elwood T. Masi & Cole             Cuddles & Otis                     Mena  & Buster                      
For more pictures of Elwood, Cole, Cuddles, Otis and Mena and Buster click on the photo above

                                            We recently visited Hudson at his home
                                        He has grown up into a very handsome boy
  Little Boy, now called Hudson, loves his new home. here are some photos from Olivia.

                                          Hudson arrived at his new home just a week before Christmas

Like all Tibbies he loves climbing on rocks.                                                How is this for a pose?

   Little boy and his two new girls Olivia & Ellie

                                   Bella is now very comfortable in her new home
                                         A puppy life is so hard, so many toys so little time

                        "W" now called Bella with Stephanie



        Tri girl now called Beacon & Kara     


  Diamond is now in her new show home in California. She is getting along great with her new Chihuahua friends.


                            Merry Christmas 2003 from Heidi & Harry Potter


Ch. MelMar Reeces Pieces  "Chubba"  finished his championship on Sept 15, 2001.
He went to his new home that very day to live with Victoria and Victoria's mom & dad.

                                                  Chubba came back for a visit with his mom "Jewel"

                                                               It's so good to see you again Chubba

                      Chubba with just a "few" of his toys                 The little Lion Dog with his own Lion


                                Here are some recent pictures of Cloe. She is now all grown up.

                                                                         Cloe with her two best pals Jenna & Julie

                      Sunning on the deck                                                                         The "Queen" of Elm Street

     Chloe just came in from playing in the snow         Chloe doing what a Tibbie does best

                                             "Cloe" By Ch Dragonhold Party of Five - Jo'Jevon Witching Hour

                                                                     Minnie Pearl
                                                  from "Country" girl to "NY City" girl

They say a dogs life in the Big Apple is tough. See "Minnie"
(Ch MelMar M'Lady Minnie Pearl  T.D.I.) & Tyke "hard at work" in the big city:

             Minnie & Tyke defending the couch                                           Minnie & Tyke keeping watch on the doggie bed

      "Boy this NYC life is tough right Dad?"

                                            Tyke & Ch. MelMar M'Lady Minnie Pearl Just chilling

                            Tyke & Minnie first day together

                               Jo'Jevon Witching Hour
                             "Elvira now known as Heidi"

Elvira provides love and care to Wrinkles making her last days
before she "Crossed the Rainbow Bridge" as comfortable as possible.

By Blackbeard Bingo, C.G.C., T.D.I. - Dragonhold Filigree

By Ch Dragonhold Party of Five - Jo'Jevon Witching Hour

Joey was on his way to see Dr. Hartman to get his  
"cherry eyes"  fixed.

By Ch Dragonhold Party of Five - Dragonhold Filigree

By Ch Dragonhold Party of Five - Jo'Jevon Witching Hour