New Homes
Some Namtrah Tibbies that recently found new forever homes

     Boots off to his new home with Bonnie and Richard

Lady off to her new home. Notice watchfull eye of her new sister

                   Suzy Q off to her new home in Pittsburgh

    Hope off to her new home in Hanover, MD
       Manny off to his new home in Ephrata, PA
    Leo is flying off to my new show home in Kansas

     Hank off to Boston to join Cash and June. See more pics here

          Ginny joining her Uncle Charlie Brown and Rally

                         Hanging with my new best bud

Cutie Pie Phoebe joins Walter and one very happy little boy

                      Phoebe and Walter at home

                   Phoebe with her new family
                        Phoebe very comfortable in her new home

            Linus now off to his new home and one happy little boy

Merlin is off to his new show home with Violet. Watch for Merlin and Dan in the ring soon!

                             Lilly is off to her new home in Brooklyn

                                       Emma joins Ellie at her new home

Ellie Showing Emma around      Emma says see all my new toys (borrowed)

Emma enjoying her new beds and most of all a little girl to rub my tummy

        Rowan is off to his new show home and to join his brother Andy

       Andy is off to his new show home in West Chester, PA with Lannah and Lorinda

     Josie loving her new person Allan                            Josie with her new best friends

                  Coco off to her new home with her daughter

  Leia off to her new home with her new buddy Malcolm

Merlin (NAMTRAH DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC) off to his show home

                        Sally now Kona off to her new home

                          Bud off to join his Dad Mack in his new home

                            Bud and his dad Mack reunion

                                         Bradley off to his new home in PA

                            Price off to his new home in New Jersey.

                                     Mia off to CT to join Tonka in retirement

                         Donnie off to join Mae at his new home.

                           Luke off to his new home in Boston

                    Cloe off to her new home in Massachusetts

                              Pongo off to his new home

                  Frankie with his new Mom and handler

                               Millie off to her forever home

      Tonka made someone's Christmas a little bit brighter.

  Charlie Brown is going to make this little girl very happy.

                   Our granddaughter Jackie and her Snoopy.
                          Coming to a show ring this summer.

Pat and Steve are going to have great fun with Emma in the show ring

Mae is going to have so much fun playing with her new family

          Yummy is off to her forever home in Nashville.

  Rocky (now Cooper) and Patches (now Peanut) off to their new home

                                    Tim off to his new home in New Jersey.

                   Abby is going to live with here old friend Butch

  Weasley has found his forever home with Bonnie & Richard

                                  Abby and Toes
               Olaf and Toes off to their new home                 Toes and Oscar (aka Olaf) chilling in their new home

                                                        Toes and Oscar doing well.

      Mittens and Red's new family

    Little Red now Dudley taking a break        Mittens is now Penelope

             Elsa of to her new home                        Elsa now Bella found a new friend

            Fawn off to her new home                   Fawn now Kate did not take long to settle in

   Video of Brave in the snow
               Brave had a hard day
                                  Brave and her new buddy Mack

       Willow is off to her new show home          
                                                                                       Some recent glamore shots of Willlow

      Sisters Liza and Lulu off to their new home in RI.

                                        Sassy off to her new home.

            Sophie now Bamboo is off to New Jersey with her new family

             Alex and Buddy will grow up together at their new home

                                          Lilly has found her forever home
                             Rosie is off to her new family.
                 She will be joining the two princesses that live there.
TJ has gone to his new home with Paula. He is the great-great-grand son of
Paula's first heart Tibbie, Artie. (Owen's father pictured below)

Ellie has found a forever home with Tia and the Michelle & Doug and the girls

Paul and George have found their forever home. Better picture coming soon.

  Dolly ( Namtrah Back Where You Belong) has found a new home in Arizona.

       Tuni off to her new home in CT with Arlene

   Lucas and Ringo are the best of buddies.  Where's Ringo?

 The first of the Fab Four "Johnny" leaves for a show home with

                           Willie joins Ace at their new home.
                        Watch for them in the show ring soon.

Amanda & Ralph coming to a Dog Show near you!

 Seeker (now Ace) going to his new home  with
 Lahna & Kenny and mom and dad Kolleen & Ken
      Mr. Nibs is off to his new home with Dan

Tessa is off to become an
Indiana Hoosier with Sara

                            Fay with her family Amy and Jean
             Piper (aka Fay) in her new home

     Norma Jean off to her new home with Fred & Sharon

   Let's see, two hour trip home, ate, went outside twice
   played with all our new toys. I think it is time for a nap.

            Padme & Pepper and their new family Kristen & Wally

 Moby in his new Manhattan digs
           Moby is off to NYC with Sydney & Chase his new family (1/26/13)

             O.J. off to his forever home with Karen. It was love at first sight.

 It is always wonderful when a rehoming works out great. Thank you Nancy for giving Cora
    a wonderful home. Cora's a very happy girl in her new home.

           Joanne & Walter complete their Tibbie Family with Miles joining Peppermint (formally Louisa)
                                   Louisa finds a forwever home with Joann & Walt in Delaware
                                                 "Breeze"  has found her new forever home. Can you tell how happy she is?


          "Sugar" ( Namtrah Spun Sugar 8/12/2010) has gone to a forever home. Here she is checking out her new backyard with Tinkerbell and Jennifer.

                                                                                                        Sorpresa has gone to her new forever home. Here is her new family

                   Boris now Kipley off with Kay and his new show home.


                                      Namtrah Mr. Opportunity has retired from the show ring. "Butch" has found his new forever home with Lyn and Mark.

                             (01/07/2012) Retired Champion Namtrah Bewitched.  "Cybil" is now in a forever home in NYC with Katherine.

                                       After a successful show career and three lovely litters Flutter now has a forever home with Jean in Delaware.

                  Patch is a beautiful show dog who absolutely hated to show. After he ran away at the last show he attended we decided to re-home him.
                  Patch is in his new forwever joining Elwood and Cole in CT.

                              Her Dame is Cybil and her sire is Benny. She is a very bright little girl that will keep your laughing. Her only bad habit is an occasional toe nibble
                              if you do not pay her attention. Cora has found her forever family with Bob and family.

   This little tri-color girl is available from Flutter's last litter. She was born March 30 and will be able to go to her
   new home mid-July. She is a real snuggler and loves to just be held. Maria and Phil will be little girls new family.

    This parti-boy is also available from Flutters last litter. He will be available mid July. Little boy will be joining Tamara.
                                              Stetson below has found his forever home.